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Various Makes and Models.
Mostly solid cars in need of minimal structural welding for sale.

What we are doing 

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Our aim is to bring back some of the best condition restoration projects, mainly old Classic / Collectable British Right hand drive cars  from the 50,s 60,s & 70,s from the hot dry parts of Sunny Australia where there are still some, virtually rust free, structurally solid  and unmolested cars hidden away, and waiting to be discovered.

If you are looking for a CHEAP rusty car that needs major welding , these are probably not for you. 

Note . We can of course assist with FULLY INSURED transport once you have bought a car from us  at very reasonable prices if required ....        Post code reqd for quote 
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 Ford Cortina restoration project
Project cars for sale ..Cars for restoration Ford Escort Projec
John is hunting out the best, structurally solid cars where possible to send back to the Uk for his UK Agent Eddie to sell on his behalf..  We all know, a good, solid virtually rust free shell is always going to be a better long term restoration prospect than anything cobbled together with inferior replacement panels and numerious hand crafted patches, however good and skilled one is. These cars will all be imported and offered, from our site in mid Essex, about 10 miles from Stanstead airport. with ALL shipping costs, import duties , Vat charges and Nova Paperwork completed . The prices will be as seen in our yard.
Please note, Viewing is strictly by appointment as all cars NOT stored on site.
 As with All restoration projects, no warranties can be given and cars must not be driven on the public road untill made roadworthy 

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