Current Cars for Sale

Please find below list of cars currently for sale please be aware we have more imagery availble for each car shown and can supply these if needed.
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  2. 1959 Ford Consul Ute
    Mk1 Cortina Gt THE CREAM OF THE CROP no longer available
  3. Title 30
    Triumph TR6 1968/9 (Guide price PRICE ON APPLISATION) Fantastic car in IMMACULATE CONDITION having been subject to an earlier complete body off restoration (picture file comes with car) and mechanical rebuild . Sold by owner
  4. 1959 Consul Ute
    1980 Range Rover 2 Door Auto No longer available
  5. Mk2 escort Vans
    Mki 4 Door Escort (Guide SOLD sold ) Another UNWELDED CAR.. One of the straightest Mk1 cars we have had yet, almost no rust. Apparently it runs/drives fine but has starter fault so we havnt managed to get it running Again has the strengthened front suspension , Type 49 style and the usual sun damaged interior needs re upholstering. Nice simple restoration for competent enthusiast to make a quality car
  6. Title 25
    JUST ARRIVED, WANTS NOTHING APART FROM NEW OWNER 1997 CADILLAC ELLDORADO V8 NORTH STAR COACH BUILDERS Special edition ONLY 40k miles Immaculate, unadulterated luxury convertible (bit like picture ) Twice Cadillac of Australia club car of the year . pictures to follow .. looking for offers reflecting its condition and mileage
  7. Title 25
    MORE CARS JUST ARRIVED, updating in process Jaguar Xj6 saloon , Never welded, NOT corroded , great interior, Drives GOOD , needs paint £4225 Jag Xj No engine, Solid body £1500.. Sold .. 100E Escort Estate very soild rolling shell... ??for BIG ENGINE transplant ?? A N D Very RARE 1959 ZEPHYR ESTATE ... see below above Drives good, brilliant interior and underside appears totaly solid , needs paint Pictures of these available on request ,
  8. Title 33
    TRIUMPH STAG SOLD SOLD SOLD ) With uprated Rover 3.9 V8 Profesional replacement of troublesome , overheating original . No rust, NEVER WELDED. A nice uncomplicated restoration project
  9. 1971 Mini Clubman VAN
    Mini Clubman VAN, ...(Guide price £SOLD) .Yes a RARE GENUINE factory Clubman VAN ... SOLD SOLD SOLD with optional side windows, only ever made in Australia. This one has NEVER BEEN WELDED and is still structurally very solid. It starts and drives sweet with no issues we can see, needs only two minor areas of corrosion addressed, the exterior is nice and straight, no evidence of any previous accident damage . .Metal panels are available to delete side windows The car could easily be used as it is and treated as a rolling restoration We have a file of pictures available, and the car is here in our storage
  10. Title 24
    ( Guide Price £SOLD SOLD) Cortina Mk2 4 door 1.6 X Flow.. Never Welded, and everywhere appears solid. Nice interior , Recent reconditioned enginr but SERIOUS oil leak from rear main by the looks . Nice solid car only needing minor tlc to get up and running ... We have another 2 Door Mk2 Cortina... Project... incomplete car awaiting shipment ,
  11. Title 21
    NOW ARRIVED 1950 A40 Ute .. Unusual car to survive , most rotted away BUT As usual. this one .. Not welded, and very sound, Non original Buck , would probably be replaced now with custom made timber . engine turns by hand mostly complete Guide price Offers around £SOLD
  12. Title 22
    Mk2 Cortina 2 Door Rolling body. ( SOLD ) No Motor/Gearbox ,interior poor but present for refurb Solid structure NEVER BEEN WELDED minor corrosion in floor pan but chassis rails appear sound. as are the Inner wings/suspension mounts and bulkhead. Sun bleached exterior with light surface rust only . As always, we have a large picture file of close ups Also another project incomplete rolling car awaiting shipment
  13. Mk2 escort Vans
    Early (1963) Mk1 2 Door Cortina Shell. One of Two early STRIP SPEEDO pre-crosflow models NEVER WELDED ........... ( JUST SOLD ) Looks horrific but on closer inspection, suprisingly solid, Plenty of dents etc and will require welding but inner wings, chassis rails and spring hangers & bulkhead still appear good. Lots of bits missing . I can do a walk round description but my opinion my differ from yours so best to view. I What you see is what you get, Ideal for historic race car build or Lotus clone. Second car , much straighter body with corroded floor but rest of car inc. Chassis rails very solid
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    1959 Ford Consul SOLD SOLD SOLD (See Classic Car Weekly Jan 20 re Zephyr) What can we say about this Stunner.... NO RUST ANYWHERE This has got to be one of THE BEST, UNRESTORED 50's FORDs left , Mostly original paint, Even under the car !! drives good.. only real issues , it looks as if the elderly lady owner parked by braile as there are a few minor parking scars.. .and sun baked window rubbers etc. If interested this one has got to be seen , not many left now . Please, PHONE TO FIND OUT MORE Lots of pictures available to show its condition. Wont be cheap but in this condition, CANT BELIEVE WE ARE SELLING THIS AT THIS PRICE, REAL COLLECTORS GEM YOU WONT FIND ANOTHER WIT SO LITTLE RUST ANYWHERE !!!!!
  15. Title 25
    Nice straight 1.6 2 door Escort, Guide price SOLD Needs a few bits welded , mainly Spare wheel wells and heater bubble, All important Structural bits still appear solid , Inner wings (brilliant) are strengthened type 49 style When tested the car started and moved without problems, no smoke or nasty noises. Paintwork looks better in this picture than it is... but panels straight and un-corroded. Interior needs reupholstering due to sun damage
  16. Title 32
    63 HEALEY SPRITE (Guide price £SOLD SOLD Ready to recommission and use for the summer then rolling restoration in the winter if you wish.Currently waiting collection from shippers , full description once we get it back into our storage
  17. white car
    1959 Ford Consul Ute (Guide Price SOLD ) Yes another GENUINE factory car, this time the ultra RARE CONSUL Ute. I had NEVER SEEN ONE , I Ford Australia made rNO Structural Welding done or reqd . Of course we have many pictures. Me,. I LOVE IT AND WANT TO KEEP IT to take to shows myself to advertise our resoration buisiness FIND ANOTHER ONE ... HOW MUCH ?? what you got ? ....
  18. Title 23
    Guide price .. offers .... SOLD SOLD Early Mini Mk1 1962 with matching numbers for FULL restoration. Some parts missing, eg interior Has corrosion in common areas for mini . Engine condition totally unknown but is more or less complete... Again we have lots of pictures but any description will only be my opinion so prefere if you come to view
  19. Title 25
    1955 86 inch Land Rover non-runner, ( SOLD )
  20. Title 32
    ! SOLD SOLD ...... Rover SD1 3.5 V8 Vanden Plas 1985 Time Warp (guide price SOLD) Get out the Dire Straits music and relive the 80's... Most of these rotted , I should know, I repaired and sold them ...
  21. Title 25
  22. Mk 1 Escort Van
    Mk1 Escort van SOLD Now where are you are going to find another unrestored Mk1 van in this condition here in the Uk Again there is only minimal rusting , and even that isnt in critical areas, eg, small areas of guttering deteriorating And NEVER BEEN WELDED. Its opverall condition is great, showing it must have had a very easy life, even the load floor is in great condition . We can probably sourse panels to remove side windows if reqd.. We could go on , but if anyone is interested, there is a picture file of well over 100 photos, showing , its true condition in close up detail and we are happy to forward these on. They tell their own story Available to view by appointment
  23. green car
    Mk 1 Escort 2 door SOLD SOLD Nice solid Escort with type 49 style front suspension turrets etc, getting increasingly hard to find in this structurally solid state anywhere. A few areas of very minor rusting but none in the important areas as the extensive picture file shows ,(please ask if interested ) Will need new carpets, seats reupholstered and window rubbers etc due to perishing in the strong sun. This is a nice easy project for a competent home restoration and with a good paint job, has great potential to be a show car .Large number of close up pictures available Just arrived,.. Ring for appointment to view
  24. Mk2 escort Vans
    SORRY NOW SOLD . Ford Escort Mk2 White 2 lt Pinto Van SOLD , SOLD W
  25. Title 19
    Mk2 2door Cortina Non Runner , Parts missing for Full Restoration SOLD Basically solid car,only obvious serious corrosion is in O/S boot well. plenty of surface rust looks worse than it is ,Main structure, wings, chassis, floors, sills solid, Interior poor, seat frames there but need reupholstering . Rad missing , Engine condition unknown . Brake and Clutch pedals solid . Plenty of pictures as normal
  26. Title 10
    1973 Mk1 Escort . Guide price SOLD ) Great, complete car . Type 49 style Shell with uprated front suspension turrets, double skinned etc only corrosion apparent is holes in middle of boot floor, brilliant interior, Excessive play in steering rack, Brakes sticking on ....a few minor scrapes on sides, probably done while stored. believed last on road in 1992 SOLD for £6600 within one day of getting to our storage
  27. Title 29
    1976 4.2 series 2 Jaguar Xj6 example
  28. Title 33
  29. Title 36
    INCREDIBLE Mk2 Zephyr Estate... VERY RARE Aussie built, Even fewer than the Farnhams surviving again Never welded, and needs none, underside extreemly solid. Starts and drives good . Brilliant interior. A few minor bubbles on doors, bonnet etc in double skinned areas need attention , then a quality paint would make it mint. Again , as you would expect, its not going cheap come and view, and tell us what you think . our guide is quite wide Estimated to deter time wasters, between £9 and 12k but who knows, make us an offer
  30. Title 37
  31. Title 38