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Previous Cars Sold

Please find below list of cars previously sold, please be aware we have more imagery availble for each car shown and can supply these if needed.
  1. Title 10
    1973 Mk1 Escort . Great, complete car . Type 49 style Shell with uprated front suspension turrets, double skinned etc only corrosion apparent is holes in middle of boot floor, brilliant interior, Excessive play in steering rack, Brakes sticking on ....a few minor scrapes on sides, probably done while stored. believed last on road in 1992 SOLD within one day of getting to our storage
  2. Title 11
    1955 Mk 1 Zephyr Structurally Very solid, Only corrosion on underside one small section at front of o/s Chassis Small cosmetic bubbling in front of bonnet, one lower wing, and 2 door corners in the double skinned areas. Starts, and drives fine. Brakes need servicing as fluid had congealed .Interior including headlining , very servicable SOLD on first advert for the askin price
  3. white car
    Mk1 Escort Rolling Shell , (No engine ) Very solid rolling shell, complete with seats etc but NO ENGINE etc, was being prepared for rally car Deposit taken , sold on strength af our description and HUGE picture file of close ups of entire car . I SOLD on strength of picture file and customer comment... was far better than exoected , pictures hid nothing
  4. Title 14
    Toyota Corolla Ke25, Minimal rust, only on front wings, rest of car appears sound, but come and check it out for yourself, Each persons opinion differs... Starts and drives fine in our yard , \\\\\\\\\seats and Dash have cracked over years in burnig sunshine
  5. 1950 Fordson Thames Trader
    1950 Fordson Thames Trader Et6 V6 Flathead, side valve lorry Starts, drives and stops .... Had to get a friend with commercial recovery lorry to collect this asway above legal weight limit of out transporter. He fell in love at first site, came back the next week and bought it Just hope they are all going to sell that easy lol
  6. green car
    SOLD Mk 1 Escort 2 door Never welded , very solid needs welding in n/s/f footwell, no other places obvious Inner wings, and chassis very solid Starts, drives, noisy water pump SOLD
  7. orange car
    SOLD Mk 2 Escort van , 2lt Pinto engine.. Runs/drives, needs brakes checking, Faulty starter motor few minor bits of welding reqd , but nowhere in critical areas... front inner wings brilliant
  8. orange car
    SOLD Mk 2 Escort window van , 2lt Pinto engine.. Runs/drives, looks like original paint on most few minor bits of welding reqd in floor and outer sill , but nowhere in critical areas... front inner wings chassis rails etc brilliant ... Never been welded before
  9. orange car
    Space created for next one we sell
  10. Title 17
    Space ready for next one we sell